The Gulf Breeze Sightings: A Floridian UFO Wave

The Gulf Breeze sightings were a wave of UFO encounters in the late 1980s in Gulf Breeze, Florida, that drew international attention.

These sightings included reports of strange lights, flying saucers, and other unidentified objects in the sky.

Despite attracting the attention of UFO enthusiasts and skeptics alike, the Gulf Breeze sightings remain a mystery to this day.

The Timeline: A Wave of Florida UFO Encounters

The Gulf Breeze sightings began in November 1987 when Ed Walters, a Gulf Breeze resident, reported seeing a flying saucer outside his home.

Over the next two years, hundreds of people in the Gulf Breeze area reported seeing UFOs, leading many to refer to the sightings as a “wave” of encounters.

Some of the most notable dates in the Gulf Breeze sightings include:

  • November 11, 1987: Ed Walters takes the first photograph of a UFO over Gulf Breeze.
  • December 2, 1987: A police officer reports seeing a UFO in the sky.
  • December 30, 1987: Ed Walters takes another photograph of a UFO.
  • July 14, 1988: A group of people sees a UFO with flashing lights and a dome-shaped top.
  • August 19, 1988: Ed Walters takes his most famous photograph of a UFO.

The Witnesses: Who Saw the Gulf Breeze UFOs?

The Gulf Breeze sightings drew a wide range of witnesses, including Ed Walters, who became the most famous of them all.

Walters claimed to have had numerous encounters with UFOs outside his home in Gulf Breeze and even wrote a book about his experiences.

Other witnesses included police officers, military personnel, and ordinary citizens. Many of these witnesses took photographs and videos of the objects they saw, which helped to fuel the media frenzy around the Gulf Breeze sightings.

The Evidence: Photos, Videos, and More

The Gulf Breeze sightings generated a large amount of photographic and video evidence, much of which remains controversial to this day. Some of the most notable pieces of evidence include:

  • Ed Walters’ photographs of UFOs over Gulf Breeze, which many experts have claimed are hoaxes.
  • Videos taken by witnesses of strange lights and objects in the sky.
  • Numerous eyewitness accounts of sightings that cannot be easily explained.

Despite this evidence, skeptics have attempted to debunk the Gulf Breeze sightings, arguing that they were hoaxes or misidentifications of natural phenomena.

The Debunkers: Explaining Away the Unexplained

Many skeptics have attempted to explain away the Gulf Breeze sightings as hoaxes or misidentifications of natural phenomena. Some of the most common explanations include:

  • Ed Walters’ photographs were hoaxed using models or other props.
  • Witnesses misidentified conventional aircraft, weather balloons, or other natural phenomena as UFOs.
  • The entire Gulf Breeze sightings were a mass hysteria or social panic.

While these explanations may account for some of the sightings, they do not explain all of the evidence and eyewitness accounts that suggest something truly unexplained was happening in Gulf Breeze in the late 1980s.

The Gulf Breeze Sightings Remain a Puzzle

The Gulf Breeze sightings remain one of the most mysterious and controversial UFO waves in history.

Despite the controversy surrounding the evidence and skeptics’ attempts to debunk the sightings, many people still believe that the Gulf Breeze sightings were evidence of something truly unexplained.

Whether they were hoaxes, natural phenomena, or something else entirely, the Gulf Breeze sightings will likely remain a topic of debate and fascination for years to come.


Q: Were any of the Gulf Breeze sightings ever explained?

A: While some of the sightings have been explained as hoaxes or misidentifications of natural phenomena, many of the sightings remain unexplained to this day.

Q: Why did the Gulf Breeze sightings attract so much attention?

A: The Gulf Breeze sightings attracted international attention because they involved numerous eyewitness accounts and photographic evidence of UFOs, which was rare at the time.

Q: What was the most famous piece of evidence from the Gulf Breeze sightings?

A: The most famous piece of evidence from the Gulf Breeze sightings was a photograph taken by Ed Walters on August 19, 1988, which showed a UFO with a dome-shaped top and flashing lights.