The Exeter Incident: Lights over New Hampshire

On September 3, 1965, a mysterious event occurred in Exeter, New Hampshire.

Several witnesses reported seeing strange lights hovering over the town, followed by a series of bizarre encounters with an unidentified flying object (UFO). This incident, known as the Exeter Incident or the Lights over New Hampshire, has become one of the most famous UFO sightings in American history.

The Incident

On the night of September 3, 1965, several people in Exeter, New Hampshire, reported seeing strange lights in the sky.

Two teenagers, Norman Muscarello and David Hunt, were driving along Route 150 when they saw a bright object hovering over a farmhouse.

The object then flew towards them, and they could see that it was a large, silent craft with red lights on the bottom. The teenagers fled the scene and reported the incident to the police.

Soon after, Officer Eugene Bertrand was dispatched to investigate the area.

He also saw the object and described it as a “huge, silent object with pulsating red lights.” Bertrand called for backup, and several officers and a local reporter arrived at the scene.

They searched the area but found no sign of the object.

Incident at Exeter Map Drawing
A sketched map illustrating the Exeter incident sightings, sourced from the Project Blue Book records.

The next night, several more witnesses reported seeing the same object in the same area. One witness, Calvin Parker, reported being abducted by the object and subjected to a medical examination.

Parker’s story gained national attention and sparked a wave of UFO sightings across the country.

The Investigation

The Exeter Incident was investigated by several organizations, including the Air Force and the Center for UFO Studies.

The Air Force initially dismissed the incident as a hoax or a misidentification of a natural phenomenon.

However, after further investigation, they classified the incident as “unidentified.”

The Center for UFO Studies conducted its investigation and interviewed several witnesses. They concluded that the witnesses were credible and that the incident was one of the most well-documented and significant sightings in UFO history.

The Legacy

The Exeter Incident has become a significant part of UFO lore and has inspired several books, movies, and TV shows. It is also a notable case for UFO researchers and enthusiasts.

The incident remains unsolved, and many questions remain unanswered.

Number of UFO Sightings Reported in the US (source: National UFO Reporting Center)

Year Number of Sightings
2015 5,500
2016 5,971
2017 4,655
2018 3,517
2019 6,340

Top States for UFO Sightings in the US (source: National UFO Reporting Center)

State Number of Sightings
California 14,616
Florida 6,806
Texas 6,444
Washington 5,034
Arizona 4,930


The Exeter Incident remains one of the most famous and well-documented UFO sightings in American history. Despite the investigations and research, many questions remain unanswered.

The incident has had a significant impact on UFO lore and has inspired further research and investigation into the phenomenon.


Was anyone hurt during the Exeter Incident?

No, no one was hurt during the incident. However, some witnesses reported feeling scared or unnerved by the experience.

Was the Exeter Incident a hoax?

There is no evidence to suggest that the Exeter Incident was a hoax. The witnesses were deemed credible, and investigations concluded that the incident was significant and unexplained.

Are there other famous UFO sightings in the US?

Yes, there are several other famous UFO sightings in the US, including the Roswell Incident, the Phoenix Lights, and the McMinnville UFO photographs.

Why do people believe in UFOs?

Many people believe in UFOs because of personal experiences, eyewitness accounts, and unexplained sightings. Some people also believe that the government is hiding information about UFOs and extraterrestrial life.

What is the government’s stance on UFOs?

The government’s stance on UFOs has varied over the years. While some officials have dismissed UFO sightings as hoaxes or natural phenomena, others have investigated them more seriously.

In recent years, the government has released classified information about UFO sightings and investigations.

Is there life on other planets?

While there is no concrete evidence of life on other planets, many scientists believe that it is possible.

The discovery of exoplanets and the potential for habitable environments have fueled speculation about the existence of extraterrestrial life.